One month.

One job.

One opportunity of a lifetime.

As a real estate broker in New York City, my life primarily consists of my work.

I’ve been on the hunt for new clients, so when Julian Bishop, the CEO of Bishop Hotels, offers me the exclusive contract to sell all twelve residential units in his newest luxury hotel, I jump at the chance.

The one condition is that if I can’t find a buyer for the most expensive unit within thirty days, I’m out and another broker takes over.

I need to ignore the fact that Julian and I have been dancing around our mutual attraction for more than a year. I can’t focus on his chiseled jaw, his ocean blue eyes or what’s under his three-piece suits.

This is my once in a lifetime shot to make a mark on the Manhattan real estate market.

I’m determined to concentrate on the job Julian hired me to do, but when he starts appearing around every corner, the line between business and pleasure blurs.

His past won’t let him go.

My future is in question.

I want it all, but I may end up with nothing at all.


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