Wild Love 

My older brother’s best friend has always been my archenemy.

Now he’s my husband. Thanks a lot, Las Vegas.

Daniel Lawton is a heartless bastard.

He’s also my husband after a weekend spent in Vegas to celebrate my brother’s upcoming nuptials.

After a string of bad relationships, I swore I would never get married, but here I am, legally tied to the jerk.  

With his big blue eyes, five hundred dollar haircut, and a body that would make any action hero sob in envy, he’s impossible to ignore. 

I should know. I tried avoiding him in Sin City, but that ended with a wedding ring on my finger.

Now we’re at home in Manhattan and arguing at every turn.

When I make plans to fly back to Las Vegas to get an annulment, Daniel asks me for one small favor before I leave.

Unlike my husband, I have a heart, so I agree to help him out.

I soon realize that walking away from my mistake of a marriage may not be that easy after all.