I chose the woman I brought home with me last night for one reason and one reason only.

She looks like her.

It’s the same with every woman I bring home with me.

They always look like her.

Light brown hair, sky blue eyes, and a body that takes me to that place I crave. It’s where I forget – her innocence, my cruelty, everything.

Last night was different.

This one didn’t only look like her, she danced like her, spoke in a soft voice like her, and when she lost control on my sheets in that split second I live for, she made a sound that cracked my heart open.

My heart; cold and jaded as it is, felt a beat of something for this one.

She left before I woke up.

I need to forget about the woman from last night, just like I’ve forgotten every woman but the one who started me on this path to self-destruction.

I might have been able to if I wasn’t standing in a crowded courtroom ready to take on the most important case of my career staring at the woman who crawled out of my arms just hours ago and into the role of opposing counsel.

I may be a high-profile lawyer, but her name is one I’d recognize anywhere.

The woman I screwed last night is the same one I screwed over in high school.

Court is now in session, and it’s me versus her.