My older brother’s best friend crashed my twenty-first birthday party.

Then he took me home with him.

Harrison Keene is the type of man women chase.

So they can yell at him.

He’s as arrogant as they come.

Sinfully handsome and annoying blunt, he was born with a diamond-encrusted silver spoon in his mouth.

Harrison is the heir to the Keene family fortune.

He also happens to be my older brother’s best friend.  

Add the biggest jerk in Manhattan to that list because Harrison crashed my twenty-first birthday party.

He overheard me making plans to meet my friends at a bar on the Lower East Side, so he decided to show up without an invitation.

Unsurprisingly, within twenty minutes of his arrival, Harrison did something that got us tossed out of the bar.

I tried to walk away, but Harrison wouldn’t let me.

He insisted I go home with him.

I knew I shouldn’t, but I did it anyways.

When I woke up the next morning in his bed, everything between us had changed.