The Tense Duet

contains volume one and volume two

Volume One

He’s as beautiful as he is brilliant.

Nicholas Wolf’s mind is a dangerously dark place. He dreams up tales of murder, intrigue, and passion so intense that his detective novels have enthralled readers worldwide. His very presence is electric and the energy that flows between us is instantaneous.

He’s captivating and consuming. Once I have my first taste of him, I crave more. I’m addicted to his body and his mind is the lure that keeps me coming back for more.

I chase my goals with his encouragement as my fuel. He believes in me more than anyone ever has before. He wants my dreams to come true and as I chase them, he’s next to me, spurring me on.

I can’t get enough of him until the one night when he promises me my dreams will come true. It’s not what it seems. Everything I’ve ever wanted is taken away from me and the one man to blame is the only man I’ve ever really loved.

Volume Two

I couldn’t have known how one man would change my entire life.

When Nicholas Wolf came into my world, I knew it would never be the same again. I would never have predicted the turn it would take and how his influence could destroy everything I’d worked so hard for.

I fought back when he tried to rob me of my future, and I proved that I’m stronger than he imagined.

As we work to rebuild what we lost, a new challenge rears its ugly head in our direction.

The threat is real and when my life hangs in the balance, one moment changes everything between the man that I love and me.

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