I refused to fake marry my former best friend.

Now he’s my very real roommate. 

Jameson Sheppard hates me. 

The reason is simple. Two years ago, I refused to go along with his plan to get fake married. 

That’s right. Jameson, my best friend for most of my life, wanted me to agree to be his wife so he could inherit his grandmother’s candy company.

He offered me two million dollars if I promised to say, “I do,” and stay married to him for five years. 

When I said, “I don’t,” Jameson cut me out of his life.

I couldn’t lie for money. I can’t lie for any reason, not even if it meant losing the best friend I ever had. 

I run into Jameson at the real wedding of our mutual friends. After a few glasses of champagne, we have some choice words for each other. 

We started as friends, now we’re enemies, but our story doesn’t end there. 

I never thought I’d end up living with Jameson. 

But here we are, and it’s becoming harder every day to stay angry with my gorgeous ex-best friend, not fake fiancé, and sinfully sexy temporary roommate.