I called the police on my cocky, condescending neighbor last night.

Today I found out he’s my new billionaire boss.

My neighbor could win an award for being the rudest man in New York City.

It wouldn’t kill him to hold the elevator for me when I’m running late.

He also plays music way too loud, entertains a lot, and constantly knocks on my door for no good reason.

Whenever I do answer, I tell him to get lost.

His response is always the same – his signature smirk and a wink.

He tosses me a goddamn wink because he knows he’s that good-looking.

Last night he had a party.

I’m all for having fun, but when it dragged on past midnight, I went next door and asked the arrogant jerk to tone it down.

He offered me a drink and told me to lighten up.

Lighten up?

I did what any woman who needed to sleep would do. I called the police, hoping they could get him to shut up.

It worked… until this morning.  

Today is my first day at my new job.  

It might also be my last because I just caught sight of my ridiculously handsome boss, and this time, he’s not wearing handcuffs.