I crash-landed in the middle of the wrong blind date.

That scorching hot stranger I shamelessly flirted with is my new boss.


When I agreed to go on a blind date my best friend set up, I had no idea how the night would end.

As soon as I got to the restaurant, I spotted the dark-haired, gorgeous man I thought I was there to have dinner with.

I sat down at his table and proceeded to flirt awkwardly with him.

When his actual date came back to their table from the ladies’ room, I realized my mistake.

The sinfully sexy man I told a condensed version of my dating history to wasn’t Dale, the friend-of-a-friend I was there to meet.

Mortified, I went home and hid in my bed for the rest of the night, swearing off blind dates forever.

Three days later, I came face-to-face with the hot-as-hell stranger from the restaurant again.

This time he introduced himself.

Barrett Adler.

He’s that Mr. Adler. Barrett is my new boss.

He quickly proves he’s the most annoying, arrogant, and ruthless man I’ve ever met.

My employment contract ties me to him for the next year.

Three hundred and sixty-five days from now I’ll be free of him forever.

Or will I?