I flew from my home in California to Manhattan to clean the slate.

I’m determined to bury my past once and for all.

There’s no way in hell I could have predicted what I would find in my Madison Avenue apartment.

I haven’t lived there in seven years. I handed the keys to the place to my best friend the day I left town.

Apparently, he gave an extra set to a gorgeous woman. I find her soaking wet and covered in a towel in my guest bathroom.

When I order her to leave, she threatens me with a hairbrush.

It turns out that the intruder is my best friend’s younger sister.

I’m still tempted to toss her out, but since her brother is in Ireland and she doesn’t know a soul in the city, I let her stay with me.

Then I want more.

How could I not?

Emma Owens is everything I want wrapped up in a petite, brunette, sweet-as-hell package.

She’s completely off-limits, but I’m willing to risk everything for just one taste of her lips. 

Author’s Note: You don’t have to read any of my previous books to enjoy Rush. This is a complete standalone with no cliffhanger.



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