I’m a fragrance chemist with a genius IQ. He’s a hotshot dirty-talking lawyer.

So long, virginity.

I almost have it all including a loving family, a not-too-annoying best friend, and a thriving career I’m proud of. 

What I don’t have and have never had is a lover.

I’m a… (wait for it because I have)… twenty-nine-year-old virgin. 

I’m determined to change that on my thirtieth birthday.

I devise a plan to make it happen. The plan consists of a hookup app and some liquid courage in the form of a few glasses of champagne. 

My perfect plan falls apart when I blurt out to the hottest man on the planet that I’m still carrying my V-card.

Being the gentleman he is, he offers to help me out.

I should say no because he’s my sister’s boss, but he’s too good to pass up. I mean, the offer is too good to pass up. (Either way, I’m not about to turn him down.)

Rook Thorsen will be my first, and then we’ll part ways because he has a law firm to run and a daughter to raise.

I have a heart that I protect at all costs, so our first time arrangement suits me just fine.

Until I realize that one night with Rook isn’t nearly enough.