He Loves Me Not


Roman Hawthorne is tall, devastatingly handsome, and has a jawline that is so sharp it could cut glass. He’s my dream guy on paper but let’s just say Roman is arrogant with a capital A.  

When I meet him in a bar on a random Tuesday, I think I’ll never see him again.

But I do.

Every time I show up at that bar, Roman is there with his perfectly styled hair, dark brown eyes, and megawatt smile.

I don’t give him my number, but that doesn’t stop him.

Roman flirts from afar – sending me daisies and secret hidden messages that are impossible to resist.

I admit that he’s charming-as-hell, but I’m in all-work, limited fun mode since I just landed my dream job.  

In other words, I intend to limit all of my fun to Roman and my bed.

But our uncomplicated connection soon takes a turn in a direction neither of us saw coming.