Calder Frost is everything I don’t want in a man.

He’s rude, insensitive, and cold as ice.

After he crashes into me on a snowy night, I vow that I’ll do everything in my power to avoid him for the rest of my life.

That lasts a day.

When I realize that I’ll be forced to spend more time with him, I try to make nice.

Calder wants to get naughty.

That will never happen.

I don’t care that he’s gorgeous and could light up all of Manhattan with his brilliant smile. I haven’t thought twice about the way he looks at me.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t fall for a man until I made every one of my dreams come true, but what if those dreams are already my reality?

Author’s Note: This novella is as naughty as it is nice. If you’re looking for a holiday-themed read with a bit of heat, this book is for you. I hope it puts a smile on your face and sparks a little magic in your heart.

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