Liam Wolf should come with a warning.
The man is all kinds of hot.
He’s nailed down the tall, tattooed, gorgeous-as-sin look.
I shouldn’t be swooning over him.
He’s in my floral shop to order a bouquet for the woman of his dreams.
I swallow the bitter taste of envy and design a to die for arrangement.
I offer to deliver the flowers personally because I’m a glutton for punishment.
The delivery should go off without a hitch.
It doesn’t.
I end up at Liam’s office with the bouquet in one hand and a no thank you note from his ex-girlfriend in the other.
I walk away. Liam follows me.
What blooms between us is based on a rebound.
We agree to a simple no-strings-attached fling, but I soon discover that nothing in Liam’s world is simple.